Based on your DNA

How Genes Affect You

When it comes to your health the answer is in your genes, we now have the tools to give you the answers

No two people have the same fingerprint. Like our fingerprints, our genetic variations are unique identifiers which make us different from every other person. It’s the variations in genes that make us who we are. From our gender; the color of our hair, eyes and skin; the types of foods that work best with our bodies; and even the type of exercise designed to maximize our individual performance, our genes are the instruction manual for the creation and maintenance of our bodies.

Our genes are composed of combinations of protein bases. While there are only four possible bases, they can be combined in billions of ways to code for countless functions in the body. These four bases make up the DNA alphabet and combine to form words and phrases that give instructions to your body for everything from how your cells function to the color of your eyes.

These small variations in DNA are expressed in many ways. They can influence how we metabolize food and what types of exercise are best suited for our bodies. By identifying our own unique gene variations, we can customize lifestyle approaches and nutritional supplementation to maximize our genetic potential promoting optimal health.