What To Expect at Your First Appointment

A one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition will not work for most people. Unfortunately, there is not a single health formula that applies to everyone and that’s why my process focuses on specific individual factors. This warrants an understanding of each person on a very detailed level.  This learning process is started with a health assessment that will allow me to study your current nutritional health for the purpose of designing a personalized wellness pan. We will work together via a face to face consultation as well as ongoing health coaching to build a solid foundation for your nutrition and fitness goals.

Before we meet, I will email you a link to an intake/health assessment questionnaire. It is important that this health assessment be filled out at least two days prior to your appointment so that I can begin my analysis of you assessment. This form can be completed securely (SSL) right on your computer and there is no need to print it. I will be the only person that is able to access this information once you submit it to me.


At your First Visit :

The first office visit will take about 1 hour and the follow-up appointments only 30 minutes. I will review your health assessments information and any areas of concern.

My goal during our appointments is to start a regimen that will enable you to regain your health. My treatments with my patients might also include dietary changes, supplementary nutrients, exercise, herbal remedies, aromatherapy and/or homeopathy [holistic] options.                                                                                             You will be provided a comprehensive evaluation, dietary recommendations, review of any current supplements/medications, and a personalized wellness plan that addresses the underlying causes of your symptoms.  Based on the information from the health assessment form, and the consultation, you will leave with a comprehensive personalized wellness plan that will enable you to achieve your health goals.

I may also recommend any of the following treatments to enhance your wellness plan:

Ongoing Personalized Nutritional Counseling

* My top recommendation is taking the DNA test which will help me provide you with the exact plan that will allow me to assemble a genetic road map for you specific needs.

After the First Visit:

I also recommend for you to get started with supplementation, though this is not mandatory, it will help you address any nutrient deficiencies much faster.  You will receive an email after our appointment with my supplements choices for you that that will play a part in your specific wellness plan (source of professional practitioner grade nutritional supplements. These are NOT multilevel supplements!

Your consultation also includes my private secure online web-portal so I can monitor your progress throughout the month. You will receive 1 free month with your consultation package, if you choose to continue after the month you can choose the right package that is perfect for you. (Learn More about the online web-portal)

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